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The Pros and Cons of Oil Pulling

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The ancient Ayurvedic art of oil pulling is used by many to help improve the condition of the teeth and improve oral health. It is also known to draw out toxins from the body. It usually requires coconut oil (or sesame oil, or sunflower oil) that is gurgled and swished around in your mouth.

While there are lots of benefits to oil pulling, there are also some potentially negative factors that you may wish to consider.

Pros of Oil Pulling

  • Draws out toxins from the body
  • Positively impacts conditions such as dental plaque, gingivitis, and halitosis
  • Improve hair condition and vitality
  • Reduces joint pain
  • Whitens teeth
  • Strengthens teeth, gums, and the jaw
  • Improve body odour  

Cons of Oil Pulling

  • The most significant con of oil pulling is that people treat it as a substitute for proper oral care, which it is not. You should carry on with your regular cleaning regime and brush, floss, and rinse as normal.
  • It takes time. In order to correctly oil pull, you need to do this for around 10-15 minutes each time. For some people they consider this to be too much time as you are unable to swallow during that period.
  • Because you need to vigorously swish the oil, this can also put a strain on the mouth overall. As time goes by, your mouth will get used to this.
  • Some people do not like the taste of the oil in their mouth.

There are many different types of coconut oil that are available to buy. However, it is always considered best to use organic oil. Other types of oil that people use to oil pull are Sesame and Sunflower oil.

How Do You Oil Pull?

  • Place approximately half a teaspoon of oil into your mouth.
  • Vigorously swish this around for about 10-15 minutes. Try not to gargle the oil and try to get it around all areas of the mouth.
  • Make sure that you do not swallow any of the oil as it contains microbes and toxins.
  • Once you have completed the swishing, spit the oil out into the sink or toilet.
  • Add a pinch of salt to a glass of water and swish this around in order to remove any of the debris or remaining oil in your mouth.
  • Finish with a thorough brushing of your teeth.  

You can oil pull between 1-4 times a day. Most people will feel their mouth is cleaner right away, but the full benefits will start to be seen after 3-4 weeks of regular oil pulling.