Cleaning Your Copper Vessel

Copper is a natural metal from the earth. Untreated, uncoated, natural copper will tarnish and oxidize with use. Water and oxygen are the culprits. They will change the color of copper. Sometimes you’ll see spots of black, green or even turquoise (this is known as patina). Do not be alarmed. These changes in color are completely normal and are a sign of pure copper.

To remove some of these stains , you will need to clean it with a natural, acidic solution. Please note that after every use the stains may reappear. 

Follow these easy steps:

  1. Create a natural acidic solution by mixing a ¼ cup of lemon juice with water, or ¼ cup white vinegar with water. Fill the vessel to the top.
  2. Fill your copper vessel with this solution and let stand for at least 30-45 min.
  3. If there is tarnish on the outside, then soak the entire vessel in the solution. If the tarnish is stubborn, then soak for longer. This solution does not damage the copper or change any of its healthful benefits.
  4. Remove from the solution and rinse with room temperature water.
  5. Dry the outside of the copper vessel immediately with a soft towel or cloth.
  6. Use and enjoy. Repeat the steps above as often as you like.

Vasanti Health Copper Bottles: Rinse the inside of the bottle with the natural acidic solution. Remember to soak the bottle cap as well. Copper Bottle caps are made from the same natural copper as the bottle itself — not plastic! If needed, use a scouring pad or bottle brush to gently scrub the the cap and the inside of the bottle. You can also rub a little bit of olive oil into the grooves of the bottle cap.

Cleaning Powder: Some Vasanti Health products may come with a packaged powder inside the box. This powder can be mixed with water for cleaning and polishing the EXTERIOR of the vessel.