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The Benefits of Colloidal Copper

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When it comes to the maintenance of balance within bodily functions, copper is essential. It is equally as important for a range of metabolic processes and other organ functions as well. Copper can be supplemented and found in various foods.  Another highly regarded method of getting healthful amounts of copper into the body is to drink water that has been stored in a copper vessel.

What Foods Contain Copper?

Some foods that contain copper include:

Meats, Beans, Whole Grains, Wheat Bran, Liver, Beets, Lentils, Nuts, Garlic, Soy Flour, Oats, and Almonds.

What Are the Benefits of Colloidal Copper?

There are many advantages of Colloidal Copper. Generally, Colloidal copper supplements are taken to help treat metal deficiencies within the body, along with helping to boost the performance of the immune system. Other benefits of Colloidal copper include:

Pigmentation of the Hair and Eyes

Copper is an essential component of melanin, which is the pigment that gives our skin its colour. It is also regarded that Copper can help to prevent the hair from turning grey. It is also helpful (when combined with Zinc) in the retention of the colour of our eyes.


There is a connection between cholesterol and Copper levels in the body. Copper has the ability to lessen bad cholesterol and boost good cholesterol.  


According to scientific studies, type 2 diabetes can occur through cellular oxidation where there is a lack of essential metals that are intended to safeguard against free radicals and provide insulation. Not getting enough Copper could damage tissues in the body and cause harm to cellular defences, both of which could lead to a Diabetes onset.

Cognitive Functioning

Copper is highly regarded as a stimulant for the brain. If you have ever heard of the saying ‘brain-food’, it will usually referring to foods that contains copper.


For the proper production of collagen, haemoglobin, myelin, and melanin, the body needs Copper. Copper is also regarded as the best anti-ageing metal as it helps with the regular production of elastin, which helps to keep the skin firm and flexible.

Growth and Development

Copper helps with an all-around boost to general good health and the proper growth and development of organs and tissues. For pregnant women, Copper is always an essential part of their dietary needs as it is known to play an essential role in the development of the fetus.


Copper helps to enhance red blood cell production, and it can also prevent anaemia from developing. This is a well-known cause of energy drainage.


Copper is an essential element of the healing process within the body. It can help strengthen the immune system and help your body better defend or heal itself more quickly.

Copper is an essential metal necessary for enhanced health. It is important to maintain a balanced approach when digesting any metals. Ensure your source of metal digestion is from a reputable and credible source, free of any added chemicals or other harmful material. Colloidal copper products are abundant in the marketplace. Do your research, ask questions and consult a health provider when beginning any new health regimen.