Our Story


Vasanti Health is a social enterprise focusing on alternative and Ayurvedic health. We believe in fusing Eastern and Western health practices to improve the mind, body, and spirit. Our family (founders, artisans, health care practitioners, coolies, and customers) are acutely aware of the global drinking water crisis and are focused on sustainable solutions. Using a three prong approach we promote clean water initiatives by supporting community-led education, advocacy, and technology programs.

At Vasanti Health, we ensure quality products that are sustainably sourced from local artisans. Every product is being used by us, our families, and our close friends every day.


Mantreh Atashband is the founder of Vasanti Health. She is a government and non-profit professional experienced in managing public health programs that provide equitable health care services to diverse communities locally and internationally.

Mantreh’s strong belief in balancing Eastern and Western approaches to healthcare stem from her experience living and traveling throughout Asia and North America. Using her unique experience, Mantreh promotes holistic health care through common sense naturopathic and allopathic remedies and lifestyle alternatives. Mantreh holds a Masters degree in Public Health from the University of Waterloo.


Growing up, Mantreh’s family had several principles for living a natural, healthy lifestyle. These principles seemed intuitive, but no one thought to relate them to a greater body of healthcare knowledge. As Mantreh began traveling through India and Southeast Asia, she realized that many of those intergenerational family principles were rooted in the Indian art of Ayurveda.

Vasanti Health’s first product line, was born out of necessity.

Like many people, Mantreh was discouraged by some conventional (allopathic) medicine and sought alternatives to support a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. For years, she dealt with digestion and skin issues. Prescribed allopathic medicine was not helping, and in some cases made the problem worse. She was desperate for a change.


Mantreh is an experienced public health professional who has worked with governments and non-profits at all levels. Over the years, she grew weary of the established non-profit business model and fell in with the grass roots, social enterprise movement emerging across North America. She realized that a profit generating business could serve a social cause if the common good was “baked” into its DNA. This model fit Vasanti Health perfectly and gives drive and purpose to the business we put our hearts into every day.

To learn more about how you can be a part of the social impact, check out our Clean Water For All Campaign