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Copper water and the Full Moon

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Our physical and spiritual bodies are connected to the sun and the moon.  We are a product of nature and always in Mother Nature's protection. Learning to align your body and mind with nature's transition and cycles can lead to a more balanced lifestyle.

Have you been at the beach when a full moon is glowing? 

Have you noticed the moon's gravitational power and how it moves a lake or an ocean; making shifts in the tides?

Our human body contains over 60% water. The ocean within us is also capable of shifting and changing during moon cycles. 

Moonlight charged water

The moonlight carries plenty of energy, and it can be used to rejuvenate your spirit, body, and future manifestations. Charging your water under the full moon is a common ritual.  

Charging your water is an easy way to consume the beautiful, glowing energy of the moon. 

Moon charged water contains healing powers. Apart from healing our bodies, it also balances energy levels, doshas and powers up the chakras. 

Menstrual cycle and the moon

Moon charged water is highly beneficial for women because of the natural connection between the menstrual cycle and the moon. 

The length of a menstrual cycle is more or less the length of a lunar cycle, around 28-days. In many cultures, women rely on the moon for synchronizing their reproduction. 

Moon charged water has been used in Ayurvedic treatments for supporting problems related to menstruation and PCOD. 

How to make moon charged water?

Copper containers are ideal for moon charged water, since they are anti-bacterial and have charging ions. 

  • Take a water bottle made with copper or glass and wash it thoroughly (inside and outside).
  • Fill the container with water. 
  • Place the water filled container on the windowsill, or outside. Anywhere it can access the full moon's glow.
  • Leave the water overnight.
  • The next day, drink your moonlight charged water on an empty stomach

Benefits of copperized moonlight water:

  • Acts as a digestive boost and speeds up metabolism.
  • Supports wound healing, from the inside out.
  • Brightens the skin as it promotes collagen production.
  • Helps reduce inflammation of muscles and joints.