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Smudging to Energetically Cleanse Your Aura

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Smudging is also known as burning sage, and it is an ancient spiritual ritual. Many different cultures perform smudging but in different ways. The most common form of smudging originated in the Native American Culture.  

What is Smudging?

It is a purifying activity performed by burning specific plants. It is a way to cleanse a place or a person energetically, and invite positive energy. 

While smudging, one burns specific plants, and it produces smoke. The smoke purifies the space by removing the lingering negative energy. 

Smudging is performed to bring positive and powerful change in the auric field. There will be frustrations, negativity, despair, emotional baggage, and other negative elements in everyone's aura. Smudging is one of the best ways to cleanse your aura and replace it with uplifting energy. 

You can smudge yourself, your space, and objects.  

What to use for smudging?

The most common plants for smudging are cedar, sweetgrass, lavender, and sage. You can use a combination of these plants or by themselves. 

Preparing to smudge:

First, collect your desired plants and store them with care. 

Do not use your smudging plants for other purposes. Keep them for your smudging practice only. 

You will also need a candle, matches, a fireproof container (such as an Abalone shell), and a bowl of sand to absorb the heat. 

Make sure you’re cleansed. Take a bath or shower. Wear clean clothes.

Smudging your space (home):

The key to a successful house cleansing is setting an intention and visualizing the outcome.

When smudging a space,  you should start at the front door. 

Light your smudge stick. Place it in your fireproof container.

Allow the smoke to rise.

Focus on your intention.

While carrying your container with the burning smudge stick, walk clockwise around your home- from east, to south, to west, and north.

Ensure the smoke is reaching all corners of your home. Moving around clockwise is called circumambulation.

Places such as under the staircase, inside closets, the basement, and corners of the room hold energy. Cleanse those. Let the smoke reach those corners.

When you've returned to where you started, extinguish the smudge stick by rubbing it out. You can use some sand or simply rub it in your fireproof container.  

Close your smudging ceremony by clapping your hands, or your tapping your thighs to affirm the end. Saying “So it is” and savoring the shift in energy.

What are the advantages of smudging? 


The plants used for smudging consist of antimicrobial properties. For example, white prairie sage is an antibacterial and antimicrobial gem.

Smudging can help in getting respite from viruses, bacteria, and fungi. 

Smudging plants are not only anti-bacterial but they also release negative ions that neutralize positive ions such as pollution, pet dander, mold, and dust. 

It is a spiritual tool:

Smudging practices are a tool to connect to the spiritual kingdom. Many cultures use this practice to achieve a healing state or to connect to higher realms. 

Smudging dispels negative energy:

The main purpose of smudging is to dispel negative energy and replace it with positivity. As your smudging, mindfully spread your positive intentions.

Smudging improves your mood:

Smudging improves your mood by removing negative energy. Research is now showing the benefits of smudging plants such as white prairie sage. This sage is excellent for reducing anxiety, depression, and mood disorders. 

Smudging isn't permanent and will need to be repeated eventually. 

Prior to auspicious occasions is a great time to smudge a space.