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Hemp Seeds And The Doshas

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Hemp has a tamasic quality, and it can be quite sedating overall. They are ideal for adding into your winter diet. The best kind of hemp is the hearty kind, that is slightly sweet, oily, and heavy.

Hemp seeds can nourish, they can build tissue, and they leave you feeling stronger and stable, even in the coldest of the winter months. In times of stress or anguish, they have a grounding nature which helps you to keep calm. Their sedative essence really helps to induce a state of deep relaxation and soothes the body and the mind.

Hemp seeds can be tossed into a salad, soup or a smoothie with ease. They can add substance, heart, and a bulkiness to your meals like no other.

The history of the hemp seed goes back more than 15,000 years. Since records began, hemp seed has been found to have a range of purposes. In more recent times, people have started to appreciate the nutritional value of hemp. Although hemp seeds are derived from the same plant as Marijuana, also known as the Cannabis Sativa plant, it is considered in the U.S as having no psychoactive elements, and it is perfectly safe for consumption.

Hemp and the Doshas

Because they are slightly oily, sweet, and heavy, this makes them specifically beneficial for those who are Vata dominant. The tamasic and mildly sedative effect of the hemp seeds make them a very useful aid for getting a good nights rest, specifically for those who are Vata dominant.

They also work extremely well to balance Pitta which is the foremost Dosha present in the blood. Hemp seeds are a superb source of iron, great for anyone experiencing anemia.

However, for those who are Kapha dominant, the cooling nature of Hemp Seeds can result in aggravation for Kapha. This is felt even more so if the digestive system is particularly sluggish or slow. In Kapha constitutions, individuals may experience stagnation or congestion if they eat hemp seeds. This again is due to the digestive system being unable to fully break down the sweet yet dense seeds.

Looking at Hemp Seeds from the Ayurvedic perspective, they act as a nutritive tonic that works well to improve the overall strength of the cardiovascular system. Hemp seeds can help build a cleaner and stronger blood as long as the digestion is robust.