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Copper Can Protect You During Flu Season

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It's getting chilly outside, and with that comes an array of dreaded illnesses such as colds and flus. Unfortunately, hibernating at home isn't a realistic prevention option. So what else can be done to minimize the likelihood of being hit with the flu bug while leading a normal active lifestyle.

Washing Hands

Washing your hands and the hands of your children is by far the most important prevention method against a cold or flu. Through out the day we touch many surfaces and carry those germs around. We touch our faces, our mouths, our noses which help transport the virus into our body. Regularly washing hands will minimize the spread.

Sleeve Sneeze

Got a tickle in your nose and need to sneeze? Don't do it in your hands, or even worse into the air where the viral molecules can be transported to others around you. If you need to sneeze or cough do it in the crook of your elbow or sleeve. This method minimizes the spread of germs because the chances of you rubbing your elbow on someone else or any surface is minimal.

Eat Well & Stay Active

Eating well during cold and flu season is critical. Food is our medicine and helps build our immune system that helps protect against illnesses. Eat foods that are warm, cooked and hearty- make use of your crock-pot to make stews and soups. Such foods warm your bones and your soul.  Avoid cold beverages and cold, raw meals as they throw your body out of homeostasis. Remember that your body reflects nature. When it's cold outside, your body needs warmth and hibernation.

Staying active is also important during winter months. Increasing blood flow and keeping your muscles active gets your immunity pumping. It can be challenging to get outside because of the cold weather, so find soothing activities you can do at home or indoors.  Try Yoga, Pilates or even Tai Chi. Walk up/down your stairs. Do various types of stretches. During the winter months our bodies want to hibernate. So don't perform strenuous activities, rather keep it calm and relaxed.

Drink Water Stored In Copper Vessels

Copper is a natural antimicrobial and an immune booster. Recent research at the University of Southampton has shown that the Influenza A virus is virtually eradicated within six hours on copper surfaces. Unfortunately, changing all home surfaces such as counter-tops and door knobs to copper isn't financially feasible. But, drinking water from a copper vessel at least once a day is an easy and cost effective way to sick-proof your lifestyle.

Ask any healthcare provider and they will emphasize the importance of staying hydrated to fight off illnesses.  Water  boosts your immune system, helps circulate blood flow, and allows your body to replace any fluids lost due to congestion.

Water stored in a copper vessel is naturally cleansed in minutes. The water is ionized and destroys harmful micro-organisms.  Furthermore, the surface of a copper vessel destroys bacteria and viruses such as Influenza, protecting your family from spreading germs.

You can learn more about protecting your health with copper by clicking here.