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Copper Beautifies The Skin By Creating Collagen

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Collagen is an essential substance that is naturally produced by our bodies, it is in our joints, it is in our bones, and more importantly, it is a significant component of our skin.

So, why do our bodies start to crave more collagen as we age?

Despite the fact that collagen makes up 30% of the proteins in our body, as we age, the production of collagen starts to decrease. The overriding impact of this becomes clearly visible from the appearance of our skin. It starts to lose its firmness, wrinkles and fine lines start to form on the face, and unknown to most, it can also start to wreak havoc on our joints and our tendons as well. Most women like to keep things firm, tight, and youthful looking for as long as possible. It is for this reason that collagen is a key anti-aging ingredient found in many skincare serums, creams, and other products that are targeted specifically at the female market.

It is True; Copper Stimulates Collagen

Not too many people realize that there is another way to help boost the levels of collagen within your body in the form of copper. In fact, copper plays a crucial role in the natural production of collagen.

There have been a range of studies conducted to support the use of collagen to improve the well-being of the skin. Simply put, copper is one of the essential molecules that is contained within the collagen synthesis process which is how your body produces more elastic and collagen. Together, they will help your skin appear firmer, suppler and over time, the signs of aging on the skin which can be caused by free-radicals and environmental pollutants are also lesser in appearance.

Does It Really Work?

Some of the phenomenal advantages of copper for the regeneration of tissues was first discovered by a Dr. Loren Pickart in the mid 1970’s. Today, copper is widely regarded as an essential mineral that increased the formation of collagen in women.

A study conducted in 2010 that was published in the “Journal of Trace Elements in Medicine and Biology” demonstrates this exact process and provides inarguable results in this field. Copper peptides are also used topically on the skin to further enhance the production of collagen. When you replenish the levels of copper within your skin, the production of collagen increases alongside.

Superior Healing Capabilities

Collagen is not only great for skincare. With the increased collagen production that comes about as a direct result of the copper peptides; acne scars, sun spots, and damage caused to the skin by harmful UV rays are also reduced. This is due in most to the fact that the copper compound boosts the rapid turnover of skin cells, helping you to get an evener skin tone and an improved complexion.

As a side benefit, copper can also help promote the healthy hair growth.