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21 Day Rejuvenation Challenge

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Spring is a season of new beginnings.

Time of renewal.

A rebirth!


It's the start of the seasonal calendar.

And, the start of the astrological calendar.


We reflect nature, and nature reflects us.

Our bodies are synced with the seasons.

Winter, a time of rest and hibernation.

Spring, a time of rejuvenation and ‘new’.


It’s a time to plant new seeds and watch them grow.

A time to start new habits.

New routines.

Our bodies and minds are ready!

For 21-days, we invite you to embark on a Rejuvenation Challenge.

Cleanse your body.

Rejuvenate your mind.

Renew your spirit. 


What to do?

For 21 days (doesn’t matter when you start):

Upon rising, drink at least one cup of copperized water (at least 8fl/oz)- on an empty stomach.

That’s it! 

Put a reminder in your calendar. Put a sticky note on your mirror. Just do it for 21 days.

What will happen?

Your skin will start looking brighter.

Your metabolism will increase.

You’ll feel more energetic.

You’ll feel ‘new’.

Pro-tip: fill your copper vessel with water before going to bed. That way it’s ready to drink in the morning. No excuses!


In order to help kickstart your Rejuvenation Challenge, we are offering 20% off our copper water bottles. No code needed. Discount is reflected at checkout. (Ends April 3 2022) 


What to do at the end of 21 days?

We want to hear from you at the end your 21 days.

Heck- we want to hear from you through the entire challenge.

How are you feeling? Any questions? Let us know. 


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Facebook: @vasanithealth

Happy Hydrating
Happy Spring
Happy Re-birth