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Pitta Season – Do’s and Don’ts

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The Pitta Dosha is formulated with water and fire elements and comes with certain qualities that are associated with being sharp, liquid, mobile, and hot.  Summer is normally ruled by Pitta. For those who are Pitta dominant, they need to do activities that are cooling, calming, relaxing, and softening.

When your Pitta is balanced, you can benefit from great energy, focus, drive, strength, and joy. However, if you are feeling irritable, sweaty or even dehydrated, then you could be dealing with excess Pitta.

Tips for Staying Balanced During Pitta Season

Things to do:

  • The lunar energy from the moon is considered to be cooling for Pitta. Try to spend some time sitting underneath the moonlight.
  • Make time to have fun and enjoy yourself. It can help to relax and lighten your overall mood.
  • Stay on top of your tasks and negate any time-sensitive pressure.
  • Try to eat cooked healthy food which is bitter or sweet to taste.
  • Take time to enjoy nature and be near the water if possible.
  • Drinks lots of water but keep it at room temperature and not too cold.
  • Try to avoid excessive heat and stay cool.
  • Try to get lots of rest and a good night’s sleep. The Pitta nightly cycle starts at 10pm so try to avoid being tempted to stay awake past this hour.
  • Make sure you always eat if you feel hungry in order to prevent your digestive fire from causing your body to overheat.

Things NOT to do:

  • Do not drink too much alcohol or coffee.
  • Do not go out in the hot midday sunshine.
  • Do not perform hot yoga as excess heat aggravates Pitta.
  • Do not eat spicy foods as this can only serve to heat up your body.
  • Do not take showers that are too hot as this could lead to exacerbated skin concerns.
  • Do not drink ice-cold water as it can disrupt your digestive balance.
  • Do not overindulge in very competitive activities as this can increase blood pressure.
  • Do not eat foods that are overly salty.
  • Do not overwork yourself physically or mentally.