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Learn How Copper Helps To Burn Fat

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A recent study conducted by UC Berkeley has found that copper plays a key role in metabolizing fat.  Copper is needed to develop conductive tissue, to form red blood cells and to support our immune system.  But now, science is showing the role of copper in burning, huh?!

How does it work?

According to Professor Chang, at the University of California, Berkeley; without enough copper, fat builds up in fat cells without being utilized.  Copper can help move fat out of fat cells – called adipocytes – and into the blood stream for use as energy.

You can read the full article here.

Of course, this creates tons of excitement for us at Vasanti Health. Not only because the research confirms what we've known for years-- that healthy amounts of copper ROCK! But because it confirms the teachings of Ayurveda. For centuries Ayurveda has taught the importance of copper in regulating digestion, improving metabolism and helping maintain a healthy weight. We are glad to see modern science catching up.

Word of caution:

Now we know this news is exciting but don't go out and flood your diet with copper rich foods or copper supplements in hopes of looking thinner. Copper needs to be taken in moderation. Furthermore, certain other minerals play a key role in balancing copper and ensuring optimal health. One example is zinc. Copper and zinc perform a beautiful balancing act- zinc naturally regulates copper and keeps it from building up in the tissues.  That's why it's added to all our copper products.