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Kapha Season - Do's and Don'ts

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Each of the Doshas in Ayurveda, namely Kapha, Pitta, and Vata relate to a particular time of year or season.

Kapha season is normally from the cold winter months to the early and rainy part of spring. Because Kapha relates to both earth and water, the energy is generally wet, heavy, and cold. However, the lubrication that is found within Kapha is what keeps our bodies feeling strong and supple.

So, when you enter into Kapha season, naturally, there is more heaviness, more rain, and it is much colder than normal. It is important to always stay mindful of this and take certain precautions in order to keep your mind and body in balance.

Even if there is no Kapha within your Ayurvedic Profile, you can still be impacted by the Kapha season if it is not correctly managed.

Tips for Staying Balanced in the Kapha Season

Do NOT let yourself become cold and wet.

  • Instead, stay dry and warm.

Do NOT be tempted to become inactive.

  • Instead, keep active and stay mobile.

Do NOT be tempted to overindulge in comfort foods.

  • Instead, keep it light, try to eat lots of vegetables wherever possible.

Do NOT be tempted to stay in bed.

  • Instead, try to wake up early, if possible, at 6am and keep your energy levels going.

Do NOT let yourself fall victim to clutter.

  • Instead, have a spring cleaning of your home and your wardrobe.

Pay special attention to your diet and try to make it as fresh and clean as you can.