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Copper And Its Protective Shield For The Vata (Fall) Season

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The leaves are transforming to all shades of yellow, orange, and red;  bringing with it the most majestic season.  The fall season, in Ayurveda, is known as Vata season. Ayurveda is extremely responsive to the change of seasons as it directly affects the functioning of our bodies. The ancient Vedic scriptures say a lot about Vata season, but the most basic thing is that it brings lightness, dryness, cold, and clarity. That’s the changes Vata season brings to nature. But here is what it brings for us:

Vata Imbalance During Fall

There are three Doshas (Vata, Kapha, Pitta) in Ayurveda which determine the workings of the human body. We all usually have a combination of two Doshas (Vata-Pitta, Vata-Kapha, Kapha-Pitta). The word Vata represents the characteristics of movement, the wind, and anyone with a Vata dosha might experience health-related imbalances during the fall and winter seasons.

However, anything that’s natural can be controlled by something natural and that’s the best thing about our Mother Earth. Along with a balanced diet that increases warmth in your body, a basic morning ritual as simple as drinking water from a copper lota has numerous benefits.

Common Health Concerns of Vata Season And Use of Copper Utensils

Numbness And Tingling Sensation:

If you experience a slight numbness or a tingling sensation as the weather gets colder, consider yourself as a person with Vata Dosha. It causes a minor imbalance in the nervous system that affects the blood flow of your system. Copper has been known to be a commendable brain stimulant. The copper ions assist in synthesizing phospholipids which play a major role in the formation of myelin sheaths in the brain. It makes the brain work much efficiently blocking the possibility of numbness in the fall season.

Digestive Issues:

The very first sign of Vata imbalance in your body will reflect through your colon health. Vata hinders the process of absorbing minerals and liquids from the digested food which not only creates digestive issues such as gas, constipation, bloating, etc. but also makes excretion a problem. With metallic properties that stimulates the rhythmic contraction and relaxation of the stomach that aids in digestion (peristalsis), copper is considered to be a positive source of moving this Vata imbalance during the fall season. Start your morning with a cup of water stored in a copper vessel to jump start your digestion.

Inflammatory Problems:

As the weather gets colder, we all experience stiffness in our joints. Movement being the key characteristic of Vata Dosha, people with Vata imbalance might experience inflammation in their joints and bones which restricts movement. Copper has superseding anti-inflammatory properties which nullifies the effects of Vata season on your Dosha. People suffering from arthritis and other bone-related diseases must consider drinking water from copper jugs to avoid experiencing the added pain of Vata season. Think of copperized water as a lubricant for your joints.

Dryness In The Skin:

The arrival of fall season is a sign that we must be prepared for moisturizing the skin. However natural it may be, people with Vata imbalance experience a greater deterioration in their skin quality in fall than other people. Skin health augmentation is among the many benefits of using copper vessels in Vata season. Copper contributes to producing new skin cells that replace and replenish the top layer of your skin which is a boon in dry seasons. With properties that aid in increasing melanin count, copper keeps the skin smooth and safe from patches and blemishes that the sometimes harsh, cool winds cause.

According to Ayurveda, we are a reflection of the seasons. It is amazing how they affects our well-being in much more ways than we think. But like we said, nature has everything that we need to balance the variances that any season causes.  And for the coming Vata season, use of copper vessels is a natural suggestion to overcome any related health complexities!