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4 Copper Cleaning Alternatives To Try- They’re Easy, Natural, And Quick

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Slowly, but steadily, Millennials are embracing the modest benefits of using ayurveda water pitchers to store water. Along with having the many medicinal traits of being anti-microbial, and health enhancer, copper utensils are also treasured for its glamour.

The beautiful hue of copper water containers never fails to append the metallic beauty to the kitchen. However, copper has the tendency to alter its appearance by reacting with the environment, yes even with the dry air. Any utensil with just a copper base or copper water containers that are completely crafted from the metal, get tarnished after a certain period of time regardless of its use.

This is just the fact, or you can call it a baggage that comes along with the numerous health benefits of copper. Cleaning it with regular dish washing liquid, or dishwasher detergent doesn’t change the scenario. However, there are some home remedies to bring that coppery shine back to your containers. The following 4 copper cleaning alternatives are definitely going to help you in maintaining the splendor of this metal without actually investing anything.  All you would need is a well-stocked kitchen! That’s it! Let’s check it out!

Baking Soda Apparently Has Many More Uses

Baking soda has always been a reliable option even for its non-baking reasons such as cleaning. Being an alkali with a strong property of absorbing not only dirt but also odors, baking soda can be a great option to give that refurbished look to your copper bottles. You can blend it with a few drops of lemon water and clean off the tarnish that’s making your copper look like a dud metal.

The Legendary Combo of Lemon and Salt

Lemon has proven its worthiness as a cleanser from time to time, whether as a tan remover or as a tarnish remover. To give a refreshing look to your Ayurveda copper water bottles, rub the utensil, especially the darkened area with sliced lemon to see its original shine returning. You can also combine the two most trusted cleansers, salt and lemon in a paste and apply it on your copper lota, bottles or other copper vessels. Scrubbing it gently after letting the paste do its work for 15-20 minutes will yield successful results.

No Whining When Your Cabinet Has Vinegar

Lemons can make you wait as its availability depends on a lot of factors. There might be times, in fact, many times, when your grocery list does not contain lemons and you have to find a substitute for it. And we all have one, don’t we? We frequently use vinegar to fill in for fresh lemons, and it does well. The same is the case here, vinegar does well in cleaning off the dark black-green patches on copper utensils. You can replace lemon with vinegar, add a little salt in it, let it dissolve and apply on the tarnished areas. You can also make a paste using flour, vinegar, and salt and apply it to the utensils. Remember to rinse and dry immediately.

MYO Copper Cleaning Polish

MYO- Make Your Own copper cleansing polish using your detergent, flour, salt, some water, and lemon, and store it in a bottle or a jar. This actually becomes an easier option as you can rely on it for every single wash to ditch the tarnishing.  Squeeze a little amount on your scrubbing pad every time you want to wash your copper jug to overcome the staining problems in copper vessels.

These were 4 easy ways to get back the copper gleam just using what's in your kitchen. To make the most of the medicinal value of copper, it is important that you keep it clean. Use any of these basic techniques the next time you wash your copper jug to make it appear like new!

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